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Stallion Attorneys is seeking to recruit a competent, committed, passionate, self-motivated and enthusiastic Operations Manager in Tanzania Mainland.

Position Description
This job description is generic and therefore, is not an exhaustive list of duties and responsibilities. As a Manager, you will be responsible for; strategic growth and implementation, oversee day to day operations of thefirm, act as a pivot between the firm’s management team and Partnership Management, act as Managing Partner and oversee the firm’s overall business. The Operations Manager (“OM”) has primary responsibility for business and non- legal aspects of the firm. Reporting directly to the Managing Partner and with oversight fromthe Partners through the Management Committee, the OM will have overall responsibility for , administration, finance and accounting, technology, human resources, facilities, communications. Sales and marketing. Overall responsibilities extend from day-to-day business issues to longer term issues and strategic planning. The role therefore requires sound business judgement, leadership and people skills, creativity and innovation in ways of work, flexibly, excellent coordination skills, excellent communication skills and experience in business development.

Job title: Operations Manager (OM)
Growth pathway: Chief Operations Officer
Reports to: Managing Partner
Salary: Competitive

Essential Information
The Operations Manager (OM) will support and deputize the Managing Partner in day to day operations of the firm. The firm also has offices in Dar Es Salaam & Zanzibar; continental, and global affiliations & networks; and these have to be nurtured and grown to ensure that the firm is globally present.

The core duty and responsibility of the OM is administrative with the objective to drive performance between the business and all its internal and external stakeholders by tracking, measuring and advising on the application of the business’s strategic goals. The successful candidate should also be flexible to work around the region.

Overall Description
The OM will be tasked with coordinating and monitoring all activities within the business. During a typical day, the OM must have over site over administrative processes within the firm, may double check completed documents for accuracy and quality, hold a staff meeting and ensure that all work processes are fully complied with by the staff.

The OM is responsible for assigning tasks and ensuring tasks are completed on time and in accordance with quality guidelines. Other job duties include business development, Human Resource management, Client care, CSR, enforcing work culture and values and extending required Partnership support to all business stakeholders.

Key Success Factors
The OM must establish and maintain productive, cooperative, and mutually respectful relationships with the Partners, and be perceived as a credible and trustworthy colleague whose judgment is respected by the Partners.

The OM must understand and be comfortable in a professional services environment. Experience and skill in managing all levels of human resources is of key importance. He or she will value and respect the contributions made by all employees and will encourage personal and professional development at all levels of the firm.

The OM must be a forward-looking professional with the ability to think strategically to ensure the firm has the resources and business discipline necessary to grow and prosper. They must be comfortable in implementing and executing decisions of the Managing Partner, as well as formulating and suggesting strategic and tactical issues.

Job Objectives
1. To manage the day-to-day operations of the business and ensure its smooth operation.
2. To ensure compliance with the Office Procedures Manual by every member of staff and every Partner.
3. To assist the Managing Partner in the implementation of the Firm’s strategic plans (Business, Sales, Marketing, Business Continuity and ICT).
4. To manage the Firm’s HR function.
5. To run checks and balances on business culture.
6. To deputise for the Managing Partner.

Key Tasks
The key tasks are split into administrative, client relations and business profitability as follows:

Administrative tasks

1. Attend the Firm Management, department and general meetings.
2. Follow up on resolutions made at the Partners Management Meetings to ensure communication and implementation of the same.
3. Ensuring that there is ongoing Business Development of the firm both internally and externally, locally regionally and internationally.
4. Supervise the firm’s external service providers supporting extended functions of the firm.
5. Creating and maintaining a database of clients.
6. Support the Partners in staff appraisals.
7. Oversees the firm’s cash flow and overall financial position.
8. Together with the Finance Manager, Manages the firm’s banking relationships, including the negotiations of loans as necessary.
9. Establish and administer human resources processes and systems for recruitment, training and remuneration.
10. Manage resources within allocated budget.
11. Coordinate the firm’s events, CSR and legal aid activities.
12. Work hand in hand with the Financial controller to keep track of billing and profitability figures.

13. Provide regular updates such as news alerts and market/competitor information.
14. Take initiative to develop new and innovative tools / ways of working to improve service delivery and relationship management with clients and service providers eg tech.
15. Drive and coordinate activity in both legal sector and non-legal sectors, sharing best practice.
16. Ensuring adequate staff levels to cover for absences and peaks in workload, often by using temping agencies.
17. Following up on staff appraisals results by managing performance and disciplining staff.
18. Promoting staff development and training for both lawyers and non-lawyers (ensuring all lawyers in the the firm have attended CLE’s and have amassed the required 20 CLE points.
19. Coordinating with service providers and maintaining a database.
20. Implementing and promoting equality and diversity policy.
21. Reviewing and updating health and safety policies and ensuring they are observe.
22. Arranging regular testing for electrical equipment and safety device.
23. Attending conferences and training.
24. Ensures Managing Partner has all the necessary information to make effective decisions intimely fashion.
25. Maintenance, office services, insurance, purchasing, mail and messenger services, and special projects.
26. Supports all sales, marketing and business development activities of the firm including website, advertising, events, newsletters, and communication.
27. Any other duties as may be assigned by the partners from time to time during the course of employment.


1. Oversees all technology including hardware, software, telecommunications, and other tools that provide the necessary information and technical support to meet the firm’s business needs.
2. Ensures that new and emerging technologies are assessed to determine their potential value to the firm.
3. Supervise the training of staff (including lawyers) on how to use the firm’s technology and its applications in the most productive way.

Client Relations- Internal and External Client service delivery
1. Conduct independent client listening and/or attend client relationship reviews with the managing partner with each of your relationships (as well as ad hoc listening to other clients as required) and work with the wider team to implement any actions required to respond to the client feedback.
2. Map relationships with clients and review billing data in order to identify commercial opportunities to develop with the client team.
3. Address any issues that are raised by the client and escalate these as necessary.
4. Provide coaching support to legal advisers to help them develop some of the “smaller” client and target relationships. These relationships may not require full account management support but will benefit from some of the information and tools used by the relationship team.
5. Be a champion of the client voice at firm, helping legal advisers understand the competitive advantage this provides, being able to prescribe the right tool or materials to support opportunities for business development, and building the confidence of legal advisers at every level in our client-centric strategy.
6. Responding to customer enquiries and complaints.
7. Any other duties as may be assigned by the partners from time to time during the course of employment.

Additional job duties of the OM will include supervising the following;
• Preparing non-legal memos and other correspondence
• Creating client files
• Training new staff/ induction
• Scheduling attorney and client meetings

Human Resources
1. Manages all staff recruitment and hiring activities including interviewing, selection, on-boarding, and training.
2. Coordinates all staff performance reviews and salary reviews.
3. Manages the employee health and benefits plan.
4. Participates and supports the Firm Managing Partner.
5. Ensures the human resource policy manual is developed, maintained, and followed. Person specification

The successful candidate must operate comfortably across a broad spectrum of responsibilities including handling financial and administrative work to issues involving information technology, human resources, business judgment, and strategic planning. The OM will engender confidence and credibility by virtue of their presence, demeanor, leadership skills, and professional qualifications.

It is anticipated that the successful candidate will possess the following personal characteristics and capabilities:

• Management experience within a law firm.
• An understanding of law firm operations and the compliance framework within which they operate.
• Strong leadership skills with the ability to command respect quickly but avoiding confrontation.
• The ability to build strong working relationships with key individuals.
• A positive, ambitious attitude.
• A pragmatic problem solver.
• Reliable, committed, loyal and hardworking.
• IT literate and capable.
• Excellent attention to details.


Bachelor of Business Administration Degree, or Law from a reputable university. Additional or similar qualifications in operations management, strategy development and Human Resource management will be required. A master’s degree in Business Administration and Management will be an added advantage.


At least 3 years’ working experience in a Law Firm or at a reputable organization ( e.g. financial institution, telecom, trade) in a management role focused on as a minimum any three of the following functions; operations, governance, organization strategy, business management, administration, business development and administrative management.

Interested candidates should send their applications to ask@stallionattorneys.co.tz. Applications should be accompanied by the below documents.

  • Application cover letter; should include your expectations about the role, and what makes you the best suited candidate.
  • Curriculum Vitae (CV)
  • A letter of recommendation from a professional referee.

The deadline for receiving applications is 02nd December 2022, 1500hours.

Short-listed candidates may be contacted by the hiring team directly if further information is needed during the review of their application. Due to the high volume of applications received, candidates who have not been short-listed will not be contacted.